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Job Seekers: Training


Obtaining training certificates may be the competitive advantage you need to get the job.  They are also a great way to add qualifications to your resume.

To register call 905-522-4902 or talk to your counsellor
Spaces fill fast!

The following courses are all computer based. Basic computer knowlege is required.

New Training at EH!

Build your resume and show an employer that you have already completed Ontario's AODA Accessibility Standard for Customer Service training.


WHMIS is a short form for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It is a comprehensive plan for providing information on the safe use of hazardous materials used in Canadian workplaces. Information is provided by means of product labels, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and worker education programs.

Upon successful completion of this 1-2 hour course, you will obtain your WHMIS certificate, which will be of interest to potential employers regardless of the type of work you’ll be doing.

To register:
WHMIS is offered Mondays at 1:15 pm. If interested, please speak with your counsellor or call 905-522-4902.

Check out this site for more detailed information on WHMIS.

Smart Serve

If you are looking for a job in the food or beverage industry, Smart Serve is a must! 
We offer certification through Smart Serve Ontario, recognized by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as the official delivery agent of the Smart Serve Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program in the Province of Ontario.


Upon successful completion of this approximately 3 -4 hour course you will receive your Smart Serve Certificate card and lapel pin (This will be mailed to you within a couple of weeks).

To register:
Smart Serve is offered Wednesdays at 11:00 am. If interested, please speak with your counsellor or call 905-522-4902 for more information.

For a Smart Serve program overview visit their official site.

Excellence in Customer Service

We offer NORCAT’s customer service program which introduces potential customer service representatives to the fundamentals of customer service.
Excellence in Customer Service
Learn how to:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Communicate effectively
  • Fulfill customer needs
  • Deal with customer complaints
  • Use common sense

Upon successful completion of this 1 hour course you will receive a certificate, which will be of interest to potential employers in the customer service industry.

To register:
Excellence in Customer Service is offered every second Friday at 10:00 am. If interested, please speak with your counsellor or call 905-522-4902.

Passport to Safety Test 101 Test

If you’re new to the workforce, you may not know how to keep yourself safe in the workplace.

Unfortunately, an average of 42 young workers are injured on the job every day in Ontario. The Passport to Safety 101 Test will help prepare you for workplace and job-specific training.

By taking this test you will become
familiarized with:
Remember! Job specific training is always required

Employer responsibilities
Worker rights and responsibilities
Common workplace hazards
Dealing with hazards at work
General workplace safety provisions
Workplace harassment
WHMIS: Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

Come in and take the test in our Resource Centre or call Titi at 905-521-9032 to find out how you can take the test wherever you have internet access.

However you choose to take the test, it's free and you'll get a certificate that you can add to your resume!

Skills Training - Second Career

What is Second Career?

Second Career provides laid-off workers with:

  • Skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario
  • Financial support

Second Career is a cost-sharing grant provided on the basis of need, so you may be asked to contribute what you can to your training or education.

Second Career provides up to $28,000 for:

  • tuition
  • books
  • other instructional costs such as manuals or workbooks
  • transportation
  • a basic living allowance

Additional support may be available to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, dependant care, costs of living away from home and academic upgrading.

Is Second Career Right for me?
You can apply for Second Career if you:

  • are laid off or have been laid off since January 2005
  • are unemployed or working an interim job
  • are choosing to retrain for a career that is in demand

Second Career provides help to laid-off workers in need who will benefit most from training to find work. Several factors are considered when determining who will receive funding.

We will help applicants based on their:

  • active job search
  • length of unemployment
  • educational background
  • work history
  • labour market prospects
  • training request
  • experience and occupational skills

More information
Come in to speak to a counsellor at EH! if you think Second Career is right for you.

Employment Ontario

This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.


Maximize Your Job Search
Participants are encouraged to share their best job search techniques and build upon them.  The focus of this group is on what works in today’s market.  Being prepared, networking, cold calling, follow-up, resources, research and using the internet as a tool in job search, are all topics that are up for discussion. Call 905-522-4902 to register. No cost.
Details about this workshop


Job Smart: A Guide to Workplace Success
This fun, interactive workshop will give you a better understanding of employer expectations in the workplace. The atmosphere is casual and you are encouraged to participate throughout the workshop. Call 905-522-4902 to register. No cost
Details about this workshop


Ace the Interview
An interactive group session in which participants learn all of the essential interview do’s and don’ts. By sharing successes and tips, participants gain confidence in their ability to successfully Ace the Interview. Call 905-522-4902 to register. No cost.
Details about this workshop